Fluffeh Snowpaws (anthonygabriel) wrote in franciscopalian,
Fluffeh Snowpaws

He lives!

Hi everyone,

It's been a long, strange absence from the web lately. Just a little update:

The OSF has been through some big developments lately.

Br. Zane Young, OSF was recieved into the community last month. He's currently working on a Ph.D. in Texas and will join the community this comming spring to make his First Profession, around or at the same time that I will be making my Second Profession.

We also have one Associate in Portland, OR, who will hopefull be joining us in January for some prayer and an official welcome into the community.

We have two aspirants, one who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Bapatism in January 07 and one who is considering both the ECUSA and OSF.

OSF attended Diocesan Convention this year, along with EFSJ(Benedictines) and the Little Sisters of St. Clare. It was a blast, and we're starting to educate people about there being Vowed Religious in this Diocese.

I was also at the Fall Festival at St. Francis Mill Creek, and sold a good number of Rosaries and Jam to support our homeless outreach ministry. Thanks to everyone to came out a braved the cold.

Other than that.. Please prayer for Br. Nicholas who is a little under the weather, for Sr. Dorothy and the Little Sisters, and for Br. Johan, EFSJ.
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