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I feel torn in two and confused as all heck, but I am told that is normal for someone who is trying to find their place in God's plan. My life just keeps changing and changing, and in some ways that is wonderful, but I wish for just a moment it would stop, just long enough to listen quietly within. I believe I have figured out some of what God is calling me to do but at the same time I just dont know where to take that from here. I believe that I know I am being called to a vocation, and I want to enter a monastic community, but what does my soul feel called more strongly toward? Prayer, community, and work activitly within the world, or a more cloistered life, or routine, prayer, community and work? I know that God will show me when I can finally quiet the tempest within, but what if it is a mixture of both? Thoughts like these could last a lifetime.
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