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My second birthday

I am not sure where are all my feelings are right now. I am so happy to finally be baptized and I know this is just the beginning of a long road to my ultimate goals on my journey to follow the voice of Christ in my life. There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to accomplish in my life. I feel as though right now I am treading water. I need to break free from this unending circular trap which I find myself. I think I have finally answered the question for myself of why I am on this spiritual journey, and why I feel as that I need/want/have to continue down this road that I now find myself on. I have never known such peace in my life except once when I was deeply depressed and called out for God from the very depths of my soul. The peace was like nothing I had ever felt before, and I believe that is what I had been searching for. I think that is why I began this journey.

I find it I guess odd but an opportunity for growth that I am going today, the day following my new birthday, to celebrate another birthday, the birthday of my friend Darlene. It seems at times like this that friend just isnt the right word for what she was to me. She was a close friend of the family, I felt like she and her family were always apart of my family. She has gone on ahead now, to visit her Father in heaven, and to be reunited with her mother, and heavenly Mother. So as I go to celebrate this birthday for her, I realize that she was really more than a friend, she was family, my Aunt Darlene. Gone for now and missed of course, but I will see her soon enough I hope, in that bright wonderful world that awaits us when our time to come home to the Father has come.

"Rejoice and be glad because you have a great reward waiting for you in heaven." Matthew 5:12
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