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Catching up

Bear with me, I'm still getting the hang of this thing.

Anyhoo, Hi there! Im Br. Oliver. I became a postulant in the Order of Saint Francis in October. I will be your moderator for the time being, as Br. Nicholas doesn't spend much time on the net. (I don't either, but more time than he does.)

Let's see.. Im 24, I live in Seattle, and I attend Christ Church. I sing in the choir, Im on the welcoming comittee.. I do a few other things, in my spare time like knitting and quilting (Im a domestic queen, as Im told by my friends) and.. uhh.. Oh, yeah I'm a total bookworm, I volunteer at Lambert House, and I have a vice for cooking and good food.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hello.

Thanks for dropping by.
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