Fluffeh Snowpaws (anthonygabriel) wrote in franciscopalian,
Fluffeh Snowpaws

Happy Advent

Grace and peace to everyone, and a very happy Advent to you.

I would first like to welcome lovetakesyouin and drjones79 to the community. Please feel free to pop in and 'say' hello.

Just a tiny update for everyone:

Br. Nicholas started chemotherapy this week, and is doing fantastic, all things considered. He led a blessing service this evening for Bingo, the well-loved dog who is a companion to the Christ Church Chior director, Nancy Kern.

The rest of us are taking a bit of quiet time (when we can get it) during Advent, and making an effort to re-center.

I'm going to make a shameless plug for clean sock donations right about... now. If you have extra socks or warm shirts, hats, or scarves in good condition, please consider donating them to us or to someone who is homeless in your area. Winter is cold enough as it is, and everyone needs a little bit of Christ to warm their hart.
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